Healthcare SmartCard Solution

EUREKARE secure healthcare smart card system is based on advance smart card technology with microchip for processing, data storage, applications and secure contact technologies for transaction with iSAM equipped smart card readers.


Health Care Provider


Patient Process Flow

EUREKARE Healthcare SmartCard Solution Overview

  • 32K+ Contact Healthcare SmartCard
  • Healthcare SmartCard System
    • Membership Eligibility Module (MEM)
    • Medical Procedure Module (MPM)
    • Client Back Office Middle Ware Module (MWM)
    • Service Rendered Module (SRM)
  • ePOS Kiosk (e-Point of Service)

Health e-CARE App System

  • Member Management Module
  • Provider Management Module
  • Medical Service Module
    • Eligibility Module
    • Consultation Module
    • Outpatient Module
    • Emergency Module
    • Annual Physical Exam
  • ePatient App *
  • ePhysician App *
  • WEb-BAsed Back Office System

** Note: These features are under development. Target completion date is third quarter of 2019.

Security Measures to Safeguard Membership Data

  • Multi-layer Security System
    • HMO Contact Healthcare Smartcard
    • PIN Identification
    • Read / Write Access in Authorized Terminals only
    • Authentication of User by Professional iSAM card
  • Protected logistic chain including information tracing
  • Online and offline security

Trusted by Healthcare Partners

Leading healthcare providers are already using EUREKARE smart card systems!


To HMO Host

  • A reliable and secure Healthcare SmartCard System with Seamless Integration for HMO, Members and Healthcare Service Providers
  • Instant membership Identification and status validation (On line and off line)
  • Real-Time Medical Transaction Case Feedback from Healthcare Point of Service
  • Faster and More Accurate Claim Processing
  • Fraud prevention system (Policy, Status and Entitlement)
  • Better Membership Service

To HMO Members

  • Reliable and secured HMO Membership
  • Identification SmartCard
  • Streamline and simplify Healthcare Service Registration and Admission Process
  • Fast and Accurate LOA Approval Process
  • Full HMO Eligibility, Benefits and Entitlement
  • Secure Personal Data
  • Speed up Emergency First Aids
  • Personalized Healthcare Services

SmartCard Photo Uploader

Welcome to the SmartCard photo capture application for HMO members!

Card Activation Need help? Download Reference Guide

For your protection, your card is delivered inactive. You can activate your card by following our Reference Guide.

For Card Activation, be advised that saving your final photo can only be done once.
You are only allowed to upload PNG, JPEG, and TIF and the maximum size is 4MB.
The system is designed to function even in offline mode, however for Card Activation the ePOS machine needs to be connected to internet.
Please double check your account if you have save your final photo by logging in. if you don't see your final picture on the screen. You may upload again your picture and click save photo. If the problem still occurs please check the ePOS machine if its connected to the internet. (Card Activation is only allowed when ePOS is ONLINE.)

Note : You are only allowed to upload a maximum of three pictures.

Medical Service Provider Accreditation Application

Be one of the pioneers to use SmartCard technology for your healthcare projects!

Accreditation Application