Eurekare Health e-Care App Final Testing Stage

November 2018

Our advance modules (such as the Outpatient Module, Medical History Module, and Emergency Module) are now at their final testing stage and will make sure that the time-consuming traditional process of swiping cards and making phone calls are all things of the past. Stay tuned as we roll them out soon!

Eurekare Health e-Care App Phase I Roll Out with Valucare

June 2018

Eurekare has started to roll out the Phase I of Health e-Care App with Valucare as its pioneer user. In line with this milestone, Valucare has published this article in their VC Journal Anniversary Edition in June 2018:

“With the new state-of-the-art smart phone application called VC e-Care App, the hassle of standing and waiting in line will be reduced, if not totally eliminated. Through this app, the member’s smart phone would serve as his Valucare membership identification and gateway to a faster availment. Before leaving your home or office for a medical appointment, you may already view nearby providers and easily get a medical appointment through the app.

If the member is already in the accredited hospital or clinic, the concierge or nurse station can easily identify if the member is active using the VC e-Care portal. Moreover, the attending nurse or concierge may already secure an approval code for a consultation, outpatient and emergency availment from the same system, without having to call the Customer Service hotline. Relative to this, the member may also access the app to monitor his availment history.”

ValuCare Signed with Eurekare

December 2017

Valucare has officially signed a contract with Eurekare to adapt its newest technology—the Health e-Care App. This system incorporates state-of-the-art Smartphone App technology based on the EUREKARE Smartcard Healthcare Cloud Platform (HSP). The platform creates a bridge and gateway that will connect ValuCare to its members and health service providers. With Health e-Care App System, their members, and service providers can easily communicate with each other with a tap of their fingers. Moreover, this system allows full integration with Valucare’s back office system, their members, the Schedule of Benefit (SOB) Database and is tailor fit to suit their specific requirements.

ManilaMed Signed with Eurekare for Health Circle Program involving all Mount Grace Hospital

June 2017

ManilaMed is going to be the first ever hospital to adapt a smartcard technology for their newest membership program—Health Circle! Under the said program, ManilaMed will be issuing membership smartcards that will give its members the perks of earning loyalty points that can be exchanged for hospital services. Later on, the Health Circle smartcards will be honored across all the prestigious Mount Grace Group of Hospitals.

Eurekare Started Migrating the Smartcard System to Another Platform

August 2016

Keeping up with the current technological trends, Eurekare has started to migrate the Healthcare Data Exchange System to a new platform of today— the smartphone app. While the company would still offer the smartcard technology, having the smartphone app as another platform would expand the technological advantages not just of Eurekare but also its clients in the healthcare industry and other member-based organizations. Imagine being able to access your membership and benefits information with just one tap of your finger through your smartphone—that’s the future!

Eurekare Corporation Deployment Status

November 2014

November 2014, Eurekare Corporation, together with Fortune Medicare, Inc., started deploying the Eurekare Healthcare SmartCard System in major hospitals all over Metro Manila. It is the first ever healthcare system to make use of the SmartCard technology in monitoring utilization of medical benefits. Various organizations and health care providers have shown their support and great interest in utilizing this End-to-End Solution for the Health Care Industry. Through this, the goal to achieve excellent, quality health care service for Health Management Organization (HMO) members will be an absolute success.

Eurekare Corporation participated in the Inauguration of Fortune Care Wing at De Los Santos Medical Center

October 2014

Fortune Medicare Inc. (FortuneCare), one of the leading healthcare providers in the country, inaugurated its first FortuneCare Wing located at the fourth floor building of Delos Santos Medical Center (DLSMC), Quezon City.

Rev. Father Raju led the blessing and the ribbon-cutting ceremony was graced by the two organizations’ respective heads; Mr. J. Antonio A. Cabangon, Jr. (FortuneCare Chairman of the Board and CEO) and Mr. Raul C. Pagdanganan (DLSMC President and CEO). Beside them were Mr. Geronimo V. Francisco (FortuneCare President and COO) and Mr. Lysander P. Ragodon (DLSMC Vice President, Hospital Operations).

On the same day, Eurekare Corporation headed by Mr. Ahong Huang (Vice President for Production) was also there to show its support in showcasing the new Point of Sale (POS) System using Eurekare Technology. Mr. J. Antonio A. Cabangon, Jr. (FortuneCare Chairman of the Board and CEO) illustrate the actual use of a Smart Card which utilizes microchip technology where in features are I-Sam equipped. This system does seamless integration and captures real-time data to form a member’s medical record. These solutions translate for better customer experienced and efficient healthcare management in the fulfillment of our commitment to provide cost-efficient, accessible, responsive and excellent health care to those we serve. Hence, it is a truly victorious event for Fortune Care, Eurekare and De Los Santos Medical Center.

Eurekare Corporation goes to CEBU City for 51st PMAP Convention

September 2014

People Management Association of the Philippines on its 51st Year has held their Annual Convention at Cebu Waterfront Park and Hotel in participation with all major Human Resource personnel in the Philippines with its theme “Running with Tigers: Common Identity, Shared Destiny”. The goal of the said convention was to strengthen the HR preparedness towards ASEAN integration which indicates as a collective response to leverage on shared success.

On the said event, Eurekare Corporation was able to show its beauty in doing End to End Solution Technology of a smart card POS assisted terminal inside the Fortune Care Booth. Participants of the said convention who visited FortuneCare booth were able to experience the actual use of a Smart Card that utilizes microchip technology and captures real-time data to form member’s historical medical record. Through this innovation, they were able to see for themselves how fast, better and efficient healthcare management can be with the new Eurekare System.